The Magic Show, May 2-3 ,Holon Theatre

International Magicians Convention, May 2-7


Unforgettable magic performances unheard of in Israel

The largest, most exciting and powerful magic production in Israel

The Israeli Society of Magicians (president: Dahlia Pelled) marks 30 years in an international magicians' convention including three spectacular performances open to the public, including the best of magicians and telepathy artists from Israel and abroad.

Among the International Participants:

Yu Ho Jin, Asia magic champion from South Korea, who will compete for the world championship (FISM) this July.

Andrew Wayne,  among the leading American magicians (advises David Blaine, David Copperfield and Penn & Teller)

Shoot Ogawa, the incredible close-up magician from Japan.

Jan Bardi, Europe's best mentalist that amazes audiences all over the world

Doug Scheer,one of the best children's magicians in the United States, with educational values included in his shows!

The Mentalist Haim Goldenberg from the Canadian television show, GoldMind.


And from Israel, the best magicians and television stars, and past and present Israeli magic champions:

Nimrod Harel, Amir Lustig, Shimi Atias, Lior Manor and Ron First, Tomer Dudai, Tzahi White and Guy Zlotnik, Dana and Daniel,  Dance Magic Show: art of quick costume change and the incredible Israeli-French magician and mime,Le Mime Daniel


The performances:

International Show Wednesday, May 2nd , 21:00-23:00, hosted by Lior Manor, combining the greatest magicians from Israel and abroad.

The Family Show Thursday May 3rd, 18:30-20:30, from ages 7-77: hosted by Guy Zlotnik and Amit Huri , including the famous children's magician from the United States, Doug Scheer.

Late Night Cabaret Thursday May 3rd, 22:00-23:00: for adults only - a late night show at the intimate hall of the Holon Theatre. The show provokes thought and presents an intimate viewing experience including audience participation, accompanied by astonishment and humor.


Dahlia Pelled, President of the Israeli Society of Magicians: "I recommend that everyone arrives at the events with friends and family. The shows are on an international level, as we have brought together the best magicians in the world".


The Israeli society of Magicians has been operating since 1980. It holds various activities throughout the year: Monthly meetings, unique magicians' workshops, lectures by international magicians, a website with active forums for magicians and fans, relationships with magicians' societies around the world, hosting internationally famous magicians for lectures and performances, sending out Israeli magicians' delegations for conventions abroad, meetings for the younger magicians (aged 12-18), community service activities and more. The Israeli Society of Magicians is part of FISM (the International Federation of Magician Societies), and to the Israeli Union of Performing Artists (IUPA).

The shows open to the public are only part of the 5 day magic convention during which the magicians all gather and listen to lectures and seminars from the masters.

For tickets

Magicians wanting to attend the conference can get in touch of  Dahlia Pelled at 



  • מועדים וכרטיסים

    המופע הבינלאומי,  יום ד 2.5

    בשעה 21:00-23:00 עם הפסקה

    האולם הגדול

    המופע לכל המשפחה, יום ה 3.5

    בשעה 18:30-20:30 עם הפסקה

    האולם הגדול


    קברט ליילי, יום ה 3.5

    בשעה 22:00-23:30

    האולם הקטן



    או בטלפון *9066


    מחירי הכרטיסים למופע הבינלאומי למופע לכל המשפחה באולם הגדול:

    שורה 1-8      200 ₪

    שורות 9-16   150 ₪

    שורות 17-26 120 ₪


    מחירי הכרטיסים למופע קברט ליילי, ללא סימון באולם הקטן:

    100 ₪


  • אגודת הקוסמים - התרומה לקהילה


    אגודת הקוסמים עמותה מספר580091247   הינה עמותה ללא מטרות רווח וכל ההכנסות נועדו לכסות את ההוצאות ההפקה והבאת הקוסמים מחו"ל.


    הרוכשים כרטיסים בשורות 1-8 במחיר מלא מאפשרים לנו להזמין ללא תשלום מאות ילדים חולים, בעלי מוגבלויות למופע לכל המשפחה ולהצגת היחיד של הקוסם גיא ברכה, ולהמשיך להופיע בהתנדבות ברחבי הארץ במהלך השנה. 


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